EcoFarm Camps

A Day in the Life of an EcoFarm Camper

We’re often asked what the kids do when they’re at camp so we thought we would take you through an average day (whatever that means) of camp down on the farm. We’re using the word “average” lightly because things are constantly changing around here.

We go with the season, meaning springtime brings opportunities to learn about gardening and baby animals, and summertime means stuffing our faces with juicy no-spray berries from the U-Pick.

Winter camps require us to bundle up a little more but we get outside nonetheless and visit the cows in their barns, groom the petting zoo animals, and do crafts & science experiments in our classroom space.

Fall brings us the harvest, and beautiful local produce. We love cooking up simple snacks and identifying fruits and veggies from Nature’s Pickins, the produce store onsite.

Welcome & Sign-in

Our camps start at 9:00am. Parents of new campers are required to fill out a waiver upon arrival, while our regulars hug their parents goodbye and race off to explore the hands-on Discovery Zone while they wait for everyone to arrive.

The Classroom

We have a private classroom loft where we eat lunch together, regroup and talk about our farm adventures, cook up simple snacks using farm fresh ingredients, do arts & crafts, and science experiments!

The Park & U-Pick

Having our own indoor space is great, but this is a FARM camp, which means our favourite areas are beyond the classroom. We love spending time outdoors in our park behind Nature’s Pickin’s Market. We play field games, fill up on juicy no-spray blueberries and blackberries from the berry patch, watch the chickens roll in the dust when it’s warm out, go on nature walks, and so much more!

“The Outback”

Our farm is situated on a 80 acre lot with landscapes that transform throughout the seasons. Our campers get to go behind the scenes where no tour has gone before. December to February brings rain and freezing temperatures which means we end up with mini “ponds” to “skate” on, and snow to play in. Springtime brings blooms and a farm that starts to awaken with bright colours after a winters sleep. We watch as the farmers get the land ready to begin planting. Summer brings berries and flowers in bloom, a sunflower patch, a beautiful park and fields with giant sprinklers to run through. September-November is a season of harvest, apples, corn fields, the list continues. We like to get our hands in the dirt, to investigate bugs, have outdoor picnics and enjoy the fresh air.

The Animals

We teach about what goes into producing quality food, starting with focusing on the health and happiness of our animals. We love spending time grooming and feeding the goats, sheep, mini horse, donkey, pigs, touring the barns, blowing bubbles for the cows, and sometimes we even get a surprise visit from the Abbotsford Veterinary Clinic! Have you ever listened to a calf’s heartbeat?

The Food

Being a farm means producing food for the community and we’re lucky to have an amazing farm store onsite, Nature’s Pickin’s Market! You can find our EcoDairy Milk, Free Bird Eggs, Vitala Eggs, Vitala Yogurt, Hanks Grass-fed Beef, and in the summer.. juicy no-spray blueberries, blackberries… and ICE-CREAM! Nature’s also has a wide selection of fresh, seasonal and LOCAL produce from other farms and small businesses. We love to make snacks using ingredients from our farm and Nature’s Pickin’s Market.

It’s Educational Too!

Your kids might not even realize it, but they’ll be learning something new each time they visit. We’re submersed in a modern world of agriculture which means we get a really great balance of hands-on education while learning about innovative technology like a robotic milker, a hydrogreen where we grow wheatgrass indoors and more! Your kids will learn about how quality food is made, how to make healthy choices, animal care and how we’re being kind to the environment along the way. Sometimes we even get to visit the onsite science lab for an activity!

Where do I sign up?!

Our camps are great for kids ages 5-12. Use the button below to send us a registration form and view our available camp dates/pricing information!

Packing List:

  • Weather appropriate clothes & shoes that can get dirty
  • Lunch & snack
  • WATER BOTTLE, hat, etc.

We’ll require some information from you:

  • Name & age of your child
  • Health concerns or allergies we should be aware of