Life on the farm must go on even amidst all the chaos.


March Madness seems to have a whole new meaning this year.  With the pandemic of Coronavirus – COVID-19 the world seems to be a little unpredictable at present.

We are still welcoming visitors at this time and want you to feel safe and comfortable when you visit the farm so we are taking extra precautions.


EcoDairy is actively taking measures to enhance the health and safety of our guests. We are following recommendations by local health authorities and are closely monitoring COVID-19 in BC and the Lower Mainland.

– We are sanitizing and disinfecting daily here on the farm and while we know people might expect to get a little dirty on the farm rest assured we are trying to clean up any viruses and germs.

– We are washing our hands often and encourage our guests to do the same.

– Our staff are happy and healthy and promise to keep their hands to themselves and with any sign of illness they have been asked to go home or stay home.


-Spring is finally beginning to show it’s pretty little face here on the farm.  While March has experienced some cold blasts Spring Break is upon us so you know spring is close. 

-Spring Break Camp – Our Spring Break Camp is fully booked with campers and we are looking forward to a fun week.  Our doors will be open to regular walk in visitors as well. 

-Spring Cleaning – While on the farm you can see that Spring Cleaning is well on the way.  We have erected the event tent on the back picnic grounds which is perfect for hosting weddings, parties and celebrations here on the farm.  The grounds and gardens are getting spruced up and we even are adding garden boxes for our campers to dig in the soil and plant vegetables. 

-Animal Babies – The goats enjoyed a visit from the billy goat and the ewes enjoyed their visit from the ram so we are looking forward to the arrival of kids and lambs.

-Field Work – The fields are still absorbing the water so it might be a few weeks before the tractors make their way out there to prep the soil for the crops.


So we are prepping for Spring on the farm and patiently waiting for more signs of spring.  Spring is in the air, we can feel it!  Come on Spring ?