Birthdays in the Barn FAQ

Will we have a party host?

We’re happy to help! Let us know if you have questions upon arrival.

One of our staff will be your designated party tour guide.

Your host will not spend the full 3 hours with your group. Our staff will be available at the front desk if there’s anything you need during your visit.

What is the Amoozing Race?

The Amoozing Race is a tour or birthday package add-on.

Cost: $10/person

Duration: Approx. 15-30 minutes

Find all 9 Amoozing Race stations located throughout the farm and learn some Amoozing farm facts along the way! Answer a question on our digital app each time you find an Amoozing Race station. Once each question has been answered, RACE back to the front desk to redeem your prize!

What about food?

You are welcome to bring your own food & non-alcoholic beverages.

Guests are welcome to have food delivered to EcoFarm.

We have a small kitchenette in the party room, with a fridge, small freezer, sink and microwave.

Please bring your own plates, cups, napkins, etc.

Nature’s Pickin’s onsite can make food platters if ordered in advance

A liquor license is required if you plan to bring alcoholic beverages.

*Photo to the left is an example of how a previous party set up their snack table! Happy Birthday sign was also theirs.

Is décor included?

Yes! Our party package comes with simple farm style décor:

  • Happy Birthday banner
  • Cloth flag banners
  • Balloons scattered throughout the room

Our party package includes setup & takedown/cleanup.

Guests have the option to bring in additional décor as long as it won’t damage the walls.
Guests must ensure their own décor is taken down at the end of the booking (3pm) so EcoFarm staff can begin cleanup.

Party Room Floorplan

This is what the room will look like when you arrive:

  • Tables and chairs that will seat a maximum of 20 people
  • Small round chalkboard table with 5-6 seats for little ones
  • Additional chairs spread throughout the room
  • Small kitchenette and play stations

Guests can re-arrange tables and chairs to their liking if needed.

When can we visit the petting zoo?

You can visit the petting zoo at any time, whether that be before, during or after the party. We recommend visiting the petting zoo animals near the end of your party if you’d like to lengthen your visit with an additional activity. (See suggested party schedule below.)

Petting zoo animal feed bags are $1 each and can be purchased any time during your visit.

Suggested party schedule?

Our party package runs from a set time from 12:00pm-3:00pm.

Party hosts have the option to arrive at 11:00am to begin setup.

The guided barn tour may take up to an hour of your time. You can reserve an hour-long time slot in advance for your group or use our suggested schedule:

  • 12:00 – Guests arrive & settle into party room
  • 12:30-1:30 – Guided tour. (Explore the Discovery Zone, intro MOOvie, meet the EcoFarm cows, watch Robbie the Robot milker.)
  • 1:30 – Head upstairs to the party room and enjoy your food, cake, gifts and games!
  • 2:30 – Visit the petting zoo animals (free of charge) or upgrade your party package at this time and purchase petting zoo feed bags at $1 each or play the Amoozing Race for $5/person.
  • 3:00 – Party room booking ends. We ask that your items are cleared from the party room at this time so our staff can begin cleanup. Feel free to move your party to our park behind Nature’s Pickin’s! Our park & petting zoo remain open until 6pm.

30 Person Limit

Our party room guest capacity remains at 30 individuals as per our fire code and seating availability. We have table and chair seating that will fit up to 20 guests with additional chairs spread out throughout the party room for extra seating.

The dairy barn tour is included in your party package! Barn tours are led by a tour guide with a max capacity of 30 guests.

Failure to stay within the 30 individual limit may result in damage deposit being withheld.

*Photo to the left is an AMOOZING example of how one of our previous party guests decorated for their special day. These decorations were not supplied by EcoFarm.


Birthday parties receive a discount on kids cones.

The ice-cream stand is available seasonally starting on the May long weekend, until the September long weekend.

When paying for your birthday party upon arrival, let our staff know how many birthday kids scoops you’d like to add onto your bill. We’ll print off a receipt that you can bring over to our ice-cream stand to redeem your ice-creams at any point during your visit, while ice-cream stand is open (typically 12-5pm).

Enjoy your ice-cream at our picnic tables, or while you explore the park!

Have a birthday during the off-season? Feel free to bring your own desserts, or purchase a tub of ice-cream and cones from Nature’s Pickin’s Market onsite.