Field Trips FAQ

When can I book an EcoFarm Field Trip?

Our field trip packages are available all year round!

Our busiest field trip season tends to be April-June, so if you plan to bring your class sometime in the spring we suggest booking as far in advance as possible to guarantee a tour time.

Our weekday hours during the school year are Tuesday-Friday, 10am-4pm. Field trips can be booked as early as 10am or as late as 2pm during the week.

We are also open to community group tours on weekends. Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a group tour for a Saturday or Sunday.

Can I bring more than 30 guests?

Yes! We can accommodate groups of up to 30, 60 or 90.

Our field trip packages are based on up to 30 individuals per tour guide. We can tour two groups of 30 at once, with the possibility of adding in a 3rd group if the Archway Garden Tour is added on. We typically have two EcoFarm tour guides available, plus an additional guide at Archway.

The maximum number of individuals in a group is 30. Groups of more than 30 individuals must purchase an additional package to accommodate all guests.

Keep in mind that each individual/body counts towards the 30 individual guest count, including teachers, siblings, and caregivers. 30 is our cap per tour guide according to safety regulations on the farm.

What is the Archway Tour?

Archway Community Services has a teaching garden onsite and they welcome guests to learn about growing and caring for local produce, plant identification and usually involves a small craft to take home!

Archway Urban Farm is an external organization from EcoFarm and has limited, seasonal availability. Archway tours require advanced booking through the EcoFarm field trip booking page.

Is there a place we can eat a picnic lunch?

Yes! Field trip and community groups are welcome to use the covered patio behind Nature’s Pickin’s Market and additional picnic tables in the park & breezeway for a picnic lunch or snack.

Our picnic areas are first come first serve and open to the general public with the exception of private events through the farm.

Booked private events may result in a closure of the park and covered patio. Check with us one week before your field trip to see if there is a scheduled closure.

Upon Arrival…

Bus parking is available on the North end of the parking lot.

We ask that the group coordinator/leader check in at the front desk to complete payment before the tour begins. We accept cash, debit, visa, or cheque made out to “Abbotsford EcoFarm Innovation Association”. We will proceed with the field trip once payment has been completed.

Our tour guides will meet your group in the field behind Nature’s Pickin’s Market, begin with a welcome, tour guide introduction, go through site rules and proceed with breaking off into smaller groups if necessary.

A few more things to prepare you for your visit…

We have one washroom area in our discovery center. This means washrooms will be unavailable once your group tour has begun. The 1hr tour includes 1 scheduled washroom break and the 2hr tour includes 2 scheduled washroom breaks.

Our tours can be fast paced and we move through multiple areas throughout the farm. Our tour guides are required to stay with their group until the guided tour program is complete for safety purposes.

If a student and/or parents need to leave to use the washroom during the tour, the tour guide may have to lead the entire group back to the facility which may result in less time spent enjoying the tour. Individuals who leave the group without informing the tour guide may not be permitted to re-join the field trip group.

We do not have a water fountain onsite. Please ensure students bring their own water bottle if necessary.

School bus parking is available on the north end of the parking lot beside Nature’s Pickin’s Market.